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We Are A Production Company With A Difference. Bet?

We Produce Film/TV.

MultiApplex Studios

We are a full fledged Film/ TV Production company with experience in various Film Industries all over the world, predominantly in the Indian soil - the land that produces the maximum number of releases every year.

We are proud to be launching MultiApplex Studios in the United States and we are inclined to produce movies in as many languages and for various audience levels.

MultiApplex Studios is closely aligned to our revolutionary 'New-Media' eco-system - 'MultiApplex'. The Eco-system that takes you straight to the studios and realize your dream! Want to make a movie in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Mandarin, Nigerian...Literally any language - That is our speciality! MultiApplex Studios For Nx-Gen filmmakers is launching in January 2013.

MultiApplex will also be producing regular big budget films with leading cast and crew. ?

Check out the list of films coming soon from our stable:


English Cinema
?Race Time
Color of the heart


Raithu - The Warrior

We Produce New Media

Why hello again. We also love to be in the next generation world. We love the 'new media' as much as you do. Isn't that the life we are already trying to live in? Here are some of our revolutionary products/ services...

  • Mobile Apps

    Idea, Insight and Impact are the 3 mascots for our Mobile Apps, and we designed the Apps with this concept in mind.

  • MultiApplex

    MultiApplex Studios will be launching an Online Movie Theater on the 'Cloud', which will enable simultaneous release of studio, independent and foreign language films in the platform. This runs exactly like a theater. Come late and you will miss the show!

  • NevaB4Info

    We believe in making sure Quality content must get its due.

    NevaB4 Info is yet another brand new revolutionary ecosystem, focused on disrupting the news and information industry.

  • Cineconvalley

    Gossip sites, Sites that copy celebrity news from celebrities personal social media profiles, Information that is available across 100 similar websites. Bored of visiting such websites? Need something that is unique, informational and yet glossy?

  • Take a look at our 'Movie App' Portfolio...

    Making a movie is relatively easier than marketing them. Marketing has always been an expensive medium. Producers spend a bomb in putting up hoarding across cities and sometimes state/country wide.

  • Take a look at our Celebrity Apps

    Celebrities were earlier taking a website route to reach out to their fans. And today, in an era of Smart phones and Tablets, The websites have been replaced by Apps.

  • Entertainment Apps

    We have so many utility Apps but none that are good enough to cater to the entertainment industries. Watching movies, Listening to Radios on the App are something we specialize in. Here we present utility apps for the 'Entertainment' Industry.

  • Social Initiative Apps

    India Against Corruption
    The official 'India Against Corruption - Revolution' App.

  • Jobs

    Dakshaa is a speciality Start-up company based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Daksha went live in July 2011, from a modest small cabin with the objective of doing something which is innovative and to be job makers than job seekers.

  • Games

    Puzzle game

About Dakshaa

Dakshaa is a Speciality Start-up company based in Manhattan, NY, USA with offices in Los Angeles, CA, USA and Chennai, India.

'Thinking out of the box' is what we do even before we take up a project. We take this quote very very seriously.

We Produce Films/ TV Production, Revolutionary 'New Media' Ecosystems . What we really try to do is - Integration of 'New Media' into the Entertainment Industry in a never before seen approach.

Unlike other production companies, we work on other revolutionary ideas totally unrelated to the Entertainment Industry!

Take some of your busy time and Invest it on our website. We are very sure you would go out mind-blown.


Naveen Varadarajan, Producer and Cinematographer

Naveen has a honors degree in Information Systems and Management from the London School of Economics & Political Sciences and Postgraduation in Cinematography from New York Film Academy.

Naveen is a trained cinematographer and has films like Good Night Good Morning and Teen Maar to his credit. Naveen has also worked as a Trainee Assistant Director in the Hollywood Film - Hell Raiser: Revelations. He is also the youngest 3D Cinematographer trained at Sony 3D Tech Center. He has also trained under Rexford Metz, ASC.

He is currently studying Film & TV Production at the Prestigious UCLA and works at NBC Universal - Captivate Entertainment (The Bourne Franchise). Naveen was also recently appointed as the Marketing Head (Worldwide) of Makuta Effects Pvt. Ltd., India's leading visual effects studio.

Keerthi Bharath, Co-Founder/ CTO

Keerthi is an entrepreneurial individual with deep technical knowledge in Computer Industry. He is responsible for all the Hardware Infrastructure and Software Design work at Dakshaa. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO at Bharath Campbell Industries LLC.

Prior to Dakhsaa, he has worked in AIG inc, New York and Oracle Corporation, California.

He has a degree in Computer Science from CEG, Anna University and an Engineering Management degree from Syracuse University.


We are always looking for people who are creative and think out of the box.

Even though we are a relatively new startup, we receive thousands of resume every day.

Add your Portfolio or your works to earn extra brownie points from our HR Team.

Also, mention which location are you applying for. We have our offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Chennai, India.

Send in your resume to?


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It's free ;)

Dakshaa Labs

1338, North Detroit Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Tel: 323-456-2913
Fax: 917-971-9427

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